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Friday, October 1, 2010


 People all over the world are afraid to take risks. And you'll even see most people telling you or others "You shouldn't do that you don't know what might happen!" And this isn't necessarily the greatest way to live any kind of life that you expect to go far in. Even if you are a spoiled rich kid living the rest of his life off of a trust-fund, you still won't be complete no matter how much you buy.
 The greatest people in history were some of the biggest risk takers, either on the battlefield or just in a lab. And most business owners that are in the big leagues have owned more businesses than just that one. They have failed, they have lost everything. And they just got back up, brushed off the dirt and never gave up. All that hard work that they were probably criticized at the time for, is now being praised. Which doesn't make alot of sense, think if more people were compassionate about risk taking and instead of it being such a negative thing, maybe making it more positive.
  What if that person, after one attempt just gave up because he didn't want to take the risk again. What if he was the person that was trying to develop cures for illness, or on the brink of a new technological discovery. Well, I guess you can see my point, because of this risk taking we now have all of those luxuries and things that most people don't even think about on a daily basis.

So ask yourself, do you take enough risks?


  1. maybe its coz everyone in the world are pussies ?

  2. well... there's also the risk of dying or acquiring some sort of life-limiting illness at any point in time.

    risk seems to be exponential but not much happens...

  3. What's life without taking risks? Goods advice here my friend, I agree 100%. NOW FOLLOWING*

  4. weird, I was just thinking a lot about risks the other day. I say it's all about calculated risks, you don't want to go out on a limb for a dumb cause

  5. IMO risks are needed to spicy things up,otherwise everything would be boring..

  6. at first i thought it was an economy blog,but quickly i realized it was made by a huge faggot oprah fanboy